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My Knight by TitanFishKiller My Knight :icontitanfishkiller:TitanFishKiller 2 0 S Q U A D 4 by TitanFishKiller S Q U A D 4 :icontitanfishkiller:TitanFishKiller 1 0 Mama Eylan by TitanFishKiller Mama Eylan :icontitanfishkiller:TitanFishKiller 1 0 PaperCraft Tansui by TitanFishKiller PaperCraft Tansui :icontitanfishkiller:TitanFishKiller 1 0 PaperCraft Faeddur by TitanFishKiller PaperCraft Faeddur :icontitanfishkiller:TitanFishKiller 0 0 PaperCraft Abroxus by TitanFishKiller PaperCraft Abroxus :icontitanfishkiller:TitanFishKiller 0 0 PaperCraft Template by TitanFishKiller PaperCraft Template :icontitanfishkiller:TitanFishKiller 2 0 Crayon Art by TitanFishKiller Crayon Art :icontitanfishkiller:TitanFishKiller 4 2 Odysseus!! by TitanFishKiller Odysseus!! :icontitanfishkiller:TitanFishKiller 0 0 Rekt by TitanFishKiller Rekt :icontitanfishkiller:TitanFishKiller 0 0 Golden Cows by TitanFishKiller Golden Cows :icontitanfishkiller:TitanFishKiller 0 0 Scylla and Charybdis by TitanFishKiller Scylla and Charybdis :icontitanfishkiller:TitanFishKiller 2 0 Sirens by TitanFishKiller Sirens :icontitanfishkiller:TitanFishKiller 2 0 Circe by TitanFishKiller Circe :icontitanfishkiller:TitanFishKiller 0 0 Chieko the Kitsune by TitanFishKiller Chieko the Kitsune :icontitanfishkiller:TitanFishKiller 1 0 Abroxus Heart Icon by TitanFishKiller Abroxus Heart Icon :icontitanfishkiller:TitanFishKiller 0 0


Shyon's ref sheet by shinynacre Shyon's ref sheet :iconshinynacre:shinynacre 2 0 sketches2 by juurikun sketches2 :iconjuurikun:juurikun 136 14 chocobro cheebs by juurikun chocobro cheebs :iconjuurikun:juurikun 141 13 Trans Pride by Moonlight-pendent13 Trans Pride :iconmoonlight-pendent13:Moonlight-pendent13 194 32 Too cool for school by Moonlight-pendent13 Too cool for school :iconmoonlight-pendent13:Moonlight-pendent13 92 9 .:Gift:. Caught him in his birthday suit by Duffiebutt .:Gift:. Caught him in his birthday suit :iconduffiebutt:Duffiebutt 20 6 {Gift} Swag Patrol 18 by Muxyo {Gift} Swag Patrol 18 :iconmuxyo:Muxyo 22 4 Taako's good out here by Turtle-Arts Taako's good out here :iconturtle-arts:Turtle-Arts 866 61 0531538 by mcdoggo 0531538 :iconmcdoggo:mcdoggo 25 2 the wolf by mcdoggo the wolf :iconmcdoggo:mcdoggo 30 0 someone call the undertaker by mcdoggo someone call the undertaker :iconmcdoggo:mcdoggo 33 2 [OTA] Fox Adoptables 5/8 AVAILABLE by Misty-Muffin [OTA] Fox Adoptables 5/8 AVAILABLE :iconmisty-muffin:Misty-Muffin 10 13 [Traped Trio] by Aizy-Boy40 [Traped Trio] :iconaizy-boy40:Aizy-Boy40 95 13 Batsy [Doodlez] by Aizy-Boy40 Batsy [Doodlez] :iconaizy-boy40:Aizy-Boy40 120 12 '' I...SurrendeR!! '' by Aizy-Boy40 '' I...SurrendeR!! '' :iconaizy-boy40:Aizy-Boy40 128 7 Joker Doodlez by Aizy-Boy40 Joker Doodlez :iconaizy-boy40:Aizy-Boy40 112 4


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
This account is mostly just for me to dump my art, but I will take requests, too if you're interested.
I hope you like my trash!

<33 Titan FishKiller

I also have a YouTube account:


My Knight
Lorin ZeWolf and Alae (me)

Litan agape <33
Pure love is the best love

Not cannon, my friends--just a thing for Swag Patrol ; )
I did a speedpaint on it too:…
S Q U A D 4
Abroxus: i accept my fate

they stole the demon bear's sword and painting :)

Going left to right : Nero, Abroxus, Guen, Chei
They're who are with Abroxus in the V E R Y beginning :,)
PaperCraft Tansui
Heheheh... heheh...
This is Tansui.

If you wanna print one out of him, go right ahead!
I also have many more of these to come, because I got carried away.

Thanks to :icontsunyandere: and :iconbunnycharms: for all of their cool paper craft posts that helped me along the way <3

The pictures I used for references (I don't know who all of them belong to):………
PaperCraft Faeddur
This is one of Faeddur, basically my foil character to Abroxus (sorry, Faeddur, but it's true)

If you wanna print one out of him, go right ahead!
I also have many more of these to come, because I got carried away.

Thanks to :icontsunyandere: and :iconbunnycharms: for all of their cool paper craft posts that helped me along the way <3

The pictures I used for references (I don't know who all of them belong to):………



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

Each Person Has To Share 13 Things About Them.
Answer The 13 Questions Asked To You And Invent 13 Questions The People You Tag Will Have To Answer.
Choose 13 People.
You Have To Tag 13 People, If You Can.
Tag-Backs Are ALLOWED.
Be Creative With The Title. No "I've Got Tagged" Things
You Can't Say You Don't Do Tags

Well... It seems I've been tagged again...
That's cool... ;-;

The Questions:
1)what is the most stupidest things your pet (or yourself) have done?
Well... My cat jumped off the loft that overlooks our living room onto my dad's head once.
2)are you afraid of the dark or the things that are in the dark?
Occasionally. Then I yell at myself in my head saying "YOU KNOW YOU ARE ALONE, WHY ARE YOU AFRAID YOU PANSY?!"
3)what is the most distinguishing thing you've ever ate?
I can't really remember... I like all foods .3.
4)do you like being in quiet places or loud places?
QUIET! I'm not a huge fan of a lot of chaos
5)Do you like talking to knew people?
6)What is your favorite genre of music?
I love Celtic music!
7)do you like warrior cats if so who is your favorite character?
I can't say that I'm a fan... I've never read the series, soooo
8)do you like minecraft?
9)Do you have a passion if so what is it?
My passion is drawing!
10)do you like school?
Meh, I mean, I don't hate it.
11)have you seen a solar eclipse?
No, but that would be sooo cool! (I'm a total astronomy/science geek)
12)Have you ever seen the moon being another color other than white?
Yes! I've seen a red moon and an orange moon! It was awesome and slightly terrifying. 
13)if you were to have the ability to be any type of mythical creature what would it be and why?
Dragon. Because I like fire. And flying. And being big. :D

Cool questions~!
Now it's my turn!

My Questions:
1. Do you have a wall/box dedicated to your crushes?

2. If you draw on the computer, what program do you use?

3. Tumblr or Instagram?

4. Dragons or Unicorns?

5. Is it obvious that I'm having a hard time coming up with questions?

6. Movies/TV shows or books?

7. Do you have a birthday coming up?

8. About how many Disney movies have you seen?

9. Are you on DA often?

10. Who's your favorite set of twins? (Examples: Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin, Yukio and Rin Okumura, Ryou and Kyou Fujibayashi, etc.)

11. What's your favorite genre of TV show/anime?

12. What's your favorite color?

13. What's your favorite book? (Manga/Comic books do count)

Phew. Glad that's over. I don't mind answering questions, but making them is hard!

:iconemmabebe: :iconneko-rina: :icontheclaudien: :iconmomoriin: :iconcake-sauce:

That's all I can find right meow ;^;

Im so sorry for putting you guys in this position ;-;

Ciao~ Je t'aime!! <33


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And don't all fishes have weird looks... Like isnt that how they are made...? Baby Dory - Icon 
TitanFishKiller Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
lolol, Of course you're far more than worthy! Just keep up the awesome work ;)
(By the way, you should just cross the "Aspiring" part of your name out, cuz you're already awesome!)

And ya know... I... I think you might be right...
What have I been doing all this time?! I shan't kill another fishie again!!!
Thank you for showing me the light <33
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